Senior in September. 21 in July. Africa in 7 days.


As I reflect on my past few years as a college student, I really can’t believe I am now entering my last year. It seems like yesterday that my high school diploma was handed to me, my parents dropped me off at Hampton University, I sat in my first college class, went to my first college party, and failed my first college test. So many lessons learned, relationships lost, relationships gained, and even relationships mended. Needless to say, time flew.

I started off unsure of what my personal plans were to achieve success as a college student. Even with my extroverted personality, I was just a quiet English major who liked to dance. Now I’m a flourishing senior Public Relations major, soon to be Public Relations boss, and I couldn’t be more proud of my evolution.

With that being said, this summer I have been blessed with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Lusaka, Zambia… for an internship. I will be interning at Cutting Edge PR for 6 weeks, and could not be more excited. This opportunity is only a testament of my faith. I know that many of my peers are discouraged at times due to the competitive society in which we live. You apply to 100 internships as a college student, and even 100 jobs as a college graduate, and might not get even one. Even if you feel like you have failed, I promise promise promise that with God you can turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Prayer works. Faith is my most prized possession. Because it does indeed work, but not without WORKS.

As I venture to this foreign land, I expect to enhance my life not only academically, but also spiritually, and return to the states with a new, more positive outlook on life. Working in a Zambian office, exploring as many historic sites as I can, and attending an African wedding on the 4th of July is just a sneak peek into what my journey holds.

Stay tuned..

xo, mjb

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