The wifi in Zambia has finally allowed me to be great and update you all on my journey thus far. After 14 hours from Atlanta to Johannesburg and 2 hours from Johannesburg to Lusaka (Zambia), I made it!


So, straight to my adventure. As soon as I stepped on the plane, Jabu from Johannesburg said “I’m going to make you mine.” I’ve heard stories about African men loving themselves some American girls, but I didn’t know it was like that! He probably spent 12 of the 14 hours telling me how beautiful I am. Jabu, if you’re reading this, no shade..I was slightly creeped out, but flattered nonetheless. Thank you.

Ladies, if you want that “love at first sight” kind of story to tell your children and grandchildren..just take a trip to Africa.

Anyway, I had no idea a plane could be so big. I was roommates with 200 people for 14 hours . One of the nastiest experiences of my life, but all in all, time flew as I cried over The Fault In Our Stars (I’m such a hopeless romantic), and “omg’d” over Taken 2 (I also like a little action every now and then). To the real MVP, who helped me sleep despite my discomfort, my cousin Jermaine Cole.. you held it down.

Side note: Did you all know that ONLY in the United States you have to remove your shoes to get through airport security? Crazy, right?

Now, to what you’re probably wondering. Why Lusaka, Zambia? What and where is that? Well, my mom’s college classmate Mildred Kaunda, (shoutout to Fisk classof ’83) is Zambian. After graduating, she moved back to Zambia and opened her own PR firm, Cutting Edge Strategic Communications. She reconnected with my mom on Facebook, saw that my major is PR, and the rest is history. Moral of the story: It’s not about what you know, but..y’all know.


Sunday evening I was welcomed with bright smiles, open arms, and thick Zambian accents that overwhelmed me with emotion. My bedroom was laid out so beautifully, and I indulged in amazing authentic curry chicken. I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to intern in Zambia.


Because my jet lag was so serious, I didn’t start my internship until Tuesday, where I met Alice, Jo, and Kennedy, the sweetest co-workers I could have asked for. They’ve taught me so much already about the Zambian culture and about public relations. But like I said, my jet lag is the worst, so the real work doesn’t begin until Monday.

One thing I learned in these past 3 days is that to travel is to learn. Lessons on lessons on lessons have already blessed me and reminded me that traveling is a spiritual journey. Even though God created us all so differently, with different backgrounds and upbringings, we overcome some of the same trials and share some of the same triumphs in the same world that He created.

imageMore lessons and blessings to come.

Stay tuned..

xo, mjb

3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. awww kameme! thank you! understand that I will be back at some point in time, and thankfully we have technology so its nothing to stay in touch! don’t be a stranger! thanks for your comment!


  2. We should have talked more I didn’t know you had so much insight. I’m glad that you experienced Africa, good and bad and everything you did you did with the right spirit. It was a pleasure to know you for only two days.


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