So, if you’ve read my previous posts, ‘load-shedding’, aka Satan himself, unfortunately held wifi hostage for the last few days of my stay in Zambia.

To my readers, apologies for my neglecting you.

Recap: May 31, 2015, I embarked on my first journey across the Atlantic ocean to Zambia, a country in central Africa.

Six weeks and 18 hours on a plane later, I can say that I’ve changed, for the better.

Life, as of July 11, 2015 (my departure date from Zambia back to the US), will never be the same.

I’ve never been extremely insecure, and I think I have my lovely loving and supportive parents to thank for that. However, as a young woman, of course I’ve struggled with feelings of insecurity throughout my life.

I have come back feeling like the queen God made me to be, and the feeling is surreal.


My journey abroad felt like I was finding my happy, mainly because I found my healthy. What do I mean by that? I lost almost 20 pounds due to better food choices and time dedicated to exercise and now, my outer self is a reflection of how I’ve been treating my inner self. I made the personal decision to do right by ME, and it is one of the best choices I could have ever made.

My skin is glowing. My confidence is booming. My mind is jogging. And my hair….

My hair.

Most of my adolescent years, I have believed, contrary to what India Arie preaches, that I AM my hair. I used to think that my long, flowing, thick hair made me who I am, and that I would probably be ugly with hair any shorter than shoulder length. My peers hadn’t made my perception any better by complimenting me DAILY on how my hair is always “laid”.

Well, only one day upon my return from Zambia, I cut it. I didn’t chop it ALL, but it’s shorter than I ever thought I would allow. Most of my hair is gone. Never in a million years would I have done such a thing before traveling. This was a mature decision on my part, because I realized that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  I’ve never felt better.

Someone I met, and quickly befriended only 4 days before my departure said, “You’re already living the effects of a traveled woman, on the brink of change.”

He’s right. Traveling has really allowed me to see myself  more clearly — if that makes any sense. I see that my beauty surpasses my God given tresses; that my almond-shaped eyes are beautiful, my big nose is cute, and my full lips are envied. Yes, I said it.

This is only the beginning of my beautiful evolution into the woman that God has called me to be.

I turn 21 on Sunday, July 19. My journey through womanhood is commencing, and I am welcoming my adult life with open arms, and now, a much more open mind.

I feel good.



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