I’ve waited a little while to pay my personal tribute to the 49 lives tragically taken last month in Orlando, Florida.

I wanted to make sure that we don’t forget, as well as bring a different perspective to the issue at hand.

Growing up as an African-American Christian, I have, for the most part, been around those who are against homosexuality; those who somehow manage to rank homosexuality as the “worst” sin, without God’s consent, those who quietly sweep their own individual sins under the rug, while simultaneously pointing their fingers at others, those who have invisibly incorporated judgementalness (no, it’s not a word) into the list of the “fruits of the spirit” every Christian should follow.

As human beings, we desire love and crave acceptance. Without the two, we absolutely cannot thrive in this society. According to rainbow-project.org, LGBT people may be socialized into thinking that being “non-heterosexual” is somehow wrong, or immoral, which can often lead to feelings of self-hatred, which can eventually lead to a condition called “internalized homophobia”.

Both homosexuals and heterosexuals can develop internalized homophobia. For decades, and even today, negative depictions of the LGBT community have been constantly cultivated. As a result, these negative messages can lead and have led many people to experience mental distress.

Those against homosexuality have made comments such as “what are my children going to think?” “It’s just wrong.” “Legalizing gay marriage is going to make it okay!”

Well, duh.

Let me pause, and make an observation:

Divorce is just one of the gazillion sins mentioned in the Bible, and may be controversial to some, but never has been and never will be as much as homosexuality. Divorce is something that is “hated” in the Bible, but widely and openly accepted in society–BY LAW. Hmm..imagine that. Did I mention that people really don’t have to divorce? Like, it’s a choice? I didn’t? Probably because that’s none of my business.

Almost 50 percent of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. So basically those who discriminate against the rights of the LGBT community, read Leviticus 20:3 but stopped reading before they got to Malachi 2:16. Was Leviticus more important? Enlighten me. (And if you don’t know these two scriptures without pulling out your Bible app (if you have one), you have already proven my point.

Imagine, just for a moment, if “divorcees” were just as ostracized as the LGBT community has been for years. Or if they were told choosing not to live under the same roof anymore earns them a personalized ticket to hell. This country would be in trouble, and nearly half of the United States population would most likely feel unaccepted and invalidated. If divorce were illegal, would that change the fact that Susie and Mike no longer want to be together? Or that Pookie and Quan had no business getting married in the first place?

No one seems to ask what little Sarah is going to think when she visits Molly, and Molly’s father is missing from the home.

Is that not the same as if Molly had two mothers? Or does it just not matter?

Divorce won’t confuse our children, but gay marriage will?

Disclaimer: I am not casting any judgment. The purpose of this post is to promote NON-judgment.

Regardless of what you believe, we all have shortcomings, and none of us is perfect.

Stop. Stop the judging. Stop the hating. Stop the scrutinizing.

If you didn’t read Malachi, I know for a FACT you didn’t even get NEAR Galatians.

In case you haven’t read or heard: Galatians 5:14 says, “For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

Pastor E. Dewey Smith of Atlanta says it best in this clip:

To the Orlando victims and families, I, Maya J. Boddie, stand in solidarity with you today, tomorrow, and forever. I stand with you most especially tomorrow; a day that the same country who has neglected your son, daughter, neice, nephew, or friend, will celebrate “freedom”.  I grieve with and for you. For those of you who may feel that your child was unloved or unaccepted by the world, I’m here to tell you that they are loved.

I am praying for and with you, always–mind, body, and soul.



One thought on “For Orlando:

  1. Great article! I’m in intrigue that you took the perspective of correlating divorce and homosexuality as subjects that are frowned upon in today’s society. I totally agree that people are quick to dismiss individuals due to their sexual orientation. Also, you verified your points with different biblical verses the reader might want to read to understand the perspective you are coming from. Lastly. The video with Pastor Dewey Smith sermon was essential to proving your point in this blog post. Continue to create more articles for discussion in your blogs and continue to be a spark for the millennials in our generation.


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