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It’s the start of my birthday week, and I’m grateful and excited, but still overwhelmingly drained by  America’s current state of chaos. And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better any time soon.

Today, America experienced yet another tragedy. Three Baton Rouge police officers killed, three injured, and gunman killed by police.

Surprising? No.

Devastating? Absolutely.

What’s even more devastating, is the answer to the first question.

To be honest, I’m tired of writing about shootings and injustices; so I won’t. Since the commencement of my 22nd year of life is this week, I thought to pay homage to my namesake, the late, the great, and the timeless Dr. Maya Angelou.

Throughout her 80+ years of life, Dr. Angelou said and wrote what most would never even begin to think.

The relevance of her words is astounding.

Take a look:


RIP #altonsterling, #philandosmith, and officers #brentthompson, #patrickzamarripa, #michaelkrol, #michaelsmith, #lorneahrens, #montrelljackson, #matthewgerald, and #bradgarafola

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