The summer of 2016 was my first summer in D.C., and I have definitely enjoyed myself! The art, history, food, and diverse culture of this city is unparalleled.

One particular venue in D.C. is eccentric, one-of-a-kind, and quite unique, and that is Busboys and Poets. If you enjoy a variety music, beautiful art, libraries filled with endless reads, delicious food (& cocktails), this is the place for you!


What I most love about Busboys is its relevancy. It’s 2016, 200 years post- slavery, 40 years post- civil rights movement, 15 years post-9/11, 1 year post-legalization of same-sex marriage, yet as a country we still face racism, sexism, classism, and discrimination in our nation. We’ve become desensitized to mass murders, police brutality has become the norm, minorities receive harsher prison sentences than their white counterparts and mass incaceration continues to haunt our nation, voting rights remain an issue, and there is still no law surrounding the obsessive use of guns in this country.

Each of these issues and more are openly discussed amongst people of all races and backgrounds at Busboys. I believe it’s imperative for us to engage in more face-to-face conversations discussing topics that matter to many (especially over amazing food). And within the past decade, face-to-face interaction has become more and more uncomfortable with the increase in usage of social media. Also, for my fellow 90’s romance film lovers, Busboys exudes Love Jones and Poetic Justice vibes, which reeled me in from the beginning. There are six locations in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, (Northern) Virginia) area. With daily/weekly open mic nights, poetry slams, book discussions/signings and debates on pressing social issues, you can bet your mind, body, and soul will be sufficiently fed at Busboys and Poets.



Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.59.40 AM
Busboys and Poets mission statement, written on the open mic wall at the Shirlington (Arlington, VA) location

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