Jay-Z has announced that he will be hosting a get-out-the-vote concert in support of  Hillary Clinton, in Cleveland on Nov. 4, a few days before election day. According to Buzzfeed, his intention is to encourage young black “Ohioans to support Clinton by voting early or on election day.”

Jay-Z, billboard.com

His effort to promote the importance of black millennials voting in this presidential election is commendable, and so necessary.  An article published last month by Vanity Fair  discussed the possibility of millennials supporting the Green Party, which could ultimately result in Donald Trump winning the White House.

But, there’s hope.

As of yesterday, according to CNN, Clinton is 5 points ahead, and the goal is to get her to either stay there or advance even further.

In a USA Today article, Huffington Post political journalist and 20-year-old millennial voter David Cahn says millennials are the king of this election. Cahn and his twin brother Jack spent 4 years traveling the country interviewing voters born between 1982 and 2002, and discovered it’s “not party, but principle” that attracts the millennial.

Last week, the Daily Show with Trevor Noah proved Cahn’s research true, but more specifically among young African Americans. In an interview (skip to 12:00) with senior voting correspondent Roy Wood, Jr., Noah asked how young black voters could be persuaded in this election to vote for the (obvious) better candidate.

Wood spoke with 6 millennial black voters from (coincidentally) Jay-Z’s hometown, Brooklyn, NY, about why they were choosing not to support either candidate, but also (after much persuasion) convinced them that Hillary is ultimately the best choice. One voter said “voting for Trump is like getting run over by a car and voting for Hillary is like getting hit by a car.” Wood pointed out that if you get hit, then you’ll just roll off the windshield, but still survive, to which the voter responded with “but there’s still body damage.” Wood’s rebuttal: “Do you want to live?”

Go out and vote, because your life depends on it.

xo, mjb

(Although a venue for Jay-Z’s concert has not yet been announced, fans can get free tickets HERE.)


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