He who shall remain unnamed has been commander-in-chief for 5 days. I know, it feels like 2020 should be tomorrow. However, as hard as this has been to accept, I’m trying my best to highlight the positive in our lives.

Here are 10 good things that have happened to black people since that dreadful day.

  1. Stacy Dash was fired from Fox News. On Sunday, it was announced that Dash is one of the few contributors whose contract was not renewed. This definitely makes us happy after we as a family disowned her last year for suggesting there should not be a Black History Month, nor an NAACP, and that there was nothing wrong with the “so white” Oscars. So, that’s what she gets.
  2. Speaking of Oscars, Viola Davis is now the first African American woman to receive three Academy Award nominations for her stunning role in Fences. To see a full list of this year’s #OscarssoBlack nominees, click here.

    Viola Davis and Denzel Washington in Fences, thegrio.com
  3. Chrisette Michelle is slowly realizing that choosing to perform at the inauguration ball Saturday maybe wasn’t her brightest idea. In her poorly executed note to her Instagram followers around the world, written in the most tacky pastel sea foam green I’ve ever seen, she declared that she chose to perform to represent us. (Represent who?) To no one’s surprise but Chrisette’s, Trump did not acknowledge her presence after her performance, just as he never acknowledges Melania’s.
  4. Migos has received major attention over the past couple of weeks thanks to Donald Glover’s iconic Golden Globes speech when he referred to “Bad and Boujie” as “the best song ever.” Now, according to BET, the group is preparing to take their talent to New York University to discuss their impact on pop culture, fashion, and of course music.  Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset will be at NYU’s film center Jan. 28 at 12:30 p.m. Although tickets are sold out, this is legendary. #fortheculture 

    Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Kick Off the 2016 Honda Civic Tour: Future Now - Atlanta
    Migos, billboard.com
  5. Even though I am not a true Falcons fan, I spent 4 years in Atlanta, and could not be more excited for them to be heading to the SUPERBOWL. If they beat the Patriots, 2017 might be a good year after all.
  6. Richard B. Spencer, leader of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist group based in Washington, D.C., was sucker-punched on camera during an interview. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why this is good news for all of us.
  7. Nas debuted his “Black Don’t Crack” HSTRY clothing line, which will feature decorative dashikis, Malcom X inspired hats and t-shirts, as well as “black don’t crack hats” hats and t-shirts. A portion of the clothing sales will go to The National Black Child Development Institute. Congratulations, Nas!
  8. For those of us dealing with Cosby Show and A Different World nostalgia, Black-ish might be launching a spin-off which will feature Yara Shahidi’s college experience.  Kenya Barris, the genius Black-ish creator and executive producer, is working with ABC on the spin-off. If the idea gets a green light, we might be in for an episode this spring.

    Yara Shahidi, buzzfeed.com
  9. BET is making a comeback in 2017! The New Edition series kicked off last night and it was everything we needed. From the casting (shout out to Hampton Alumna Robi Reed!), to the singing, to the costumes, to the Bobby Brown clone, this is no Lifetime biopic – it’s the real deal. The three-part series will also air on BET Wednesday, January 25th and Thursday, January 26th at 9 pm. Join the #blacktwitter reunion!
  10. At the #WomensMarchonWashington Saturday, which I know many of you saw was a “YUGEEE” success, there was one woman in particular who did not come to play. You may have come across Angela Peoples’ photo on social media,  in which she is holding  a sign (with a look on her face that screams “I ain’t sorry!”), that read “Don’t Forget: White Women Voted for Trump”, while also wearing a “Stop Killing Black People” hat. Peoples, who is co-director of the LGBTQ equality organization GetEqual, told The Root she wanted to remind everyone of exactly “why we’re here.”  When asked by her white counterparts why she was holding the poster, she responded with facts (not alternative facts). “Fifty three percent of white women voted for Trump. That means someone you know, someone who is in close community with you, voted for Trump. You need to organize your people.” And some people said, “Oh, I’m so ashamed.” Don’t be ashamed; organize your people.”


All of this inspirational and uplifting news reminds me of how strong African Americans as a people have always been, are still, and forever will be. I hope this gave you a glimpse of hope, too. As clichéd this might seem, we shall overcome some day.

2 thoughts on “10 good things that have happened to black people since doomsday

  1. Great read! Everyone else is so amazed at the negativity that is going on and black people are just like “We’ve been dealing with disappointment our whole lives!” If you’ve seen the episode of Black-ish where Anthony Anderson goes off on all his co-workers – those are my sentiments exactly.


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